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#Black Lives Matter

Following the murder of George Floyd and subsequent Black Lives Matters protests, we feel it is important we should make a statement in support of this movement, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and other anti racist organisations who are fighting to eliminate race discrimination every day.

We hope that the increased discussion and debate that is generated through this movement will foster a greater understanding of the issues faced by BAME communities on a daily basis and help us all to promote change. Systemic racism has always been a problem in the UK and we all must do more to challenge it. It is still the case that BAME communities are over represented in the UK prison system, more likely to be stopped and searched and more likely to live in poverty. This is not acceptable in 2020. We must do more.

As an organisation we continue to challenge and campaign; to ask the difficult questions of those who hold power. We are also here to support individuals who’ve experienced racism by providing them with information, advice and guidance to help them seek justice.

If you have experienced discrimination we have a specialist service – contact our caseworker Elizabeth Lambrakis – for further advice and help. We also have detailed information about your rights on